Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chanel Still Has A Leg Up

Leave it to Karl to still have a leg up on the competition, even with hosiery! Now I'm sure Karl doesn't come up with every single idea that hits the runway...some poor design assistant is probably pissed right now that Karl's taking all the credit, lol, oh well get over it. Anyway I fell in love with the double-sided panty hose (do people still say panty hose) that went down the runway for fall 2008. I picked up both the lace pair and the two-toned last time I went to Neimans. Ok, I'm lying but it would be nice.

I'm glad Chanel put a twist on things because I was starting to get bored with leggings and leg wear altogether, so this just freshen things up a bit. Maybe Express will do a cheaper version that I can afford, lol.

C'mon girls show a lil leg.

-Doni W.

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